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Planning – Application Constraints

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2019/0548 | Retention of extension to equastrian stables. | Broad Valley Farm Park Road Bestwood Nottinghamshire NG6 8UG
Name Constraint Type Status
Constraint Name: Potential for land contamination on SPZ - EA Source Protection Zone Constraints Not Available
Policy: Green Belt Policies LPD12 - LPD15 Name: Green Belt Green Belt Not Available
Constraint Name: Greenwood Community Forest - LPD23 Greenwood Community Forest Not Available
Constraint Name: Mineral Working Area Mineral Working Area Not Available
Constraint: DEVELOPMENT_LOW_RISK_AREA Coal Mining Development Referral Areas Not Available
Constraint: Brownfield Brownfield Land Not Available
Constraint: SHLAA 2018 SHLAA Dataset Not Available
TYPE: GRADE 3 Agricultural Land Classification Not Available
Not Available Coal Mining Area standing advice Not Available
Type: Sherwood IBA 5km buffer RSPB Sherwood IBA Not Available

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